With a rapidly growing population and an economy growing even faster, India’s energy demand is set to double by 2030. If this increased demand is met with coal or other fossil fuels, it could make reaching global climate targets all but impossible. Recently, India has begun making historic investments in clean energy, and it has committed to meeting 50 percent of its energy requirements through renewables by 2030, including an additional 500 gigawatts of renewable electricity capacity. Yet, affordability and reliability remain major concerns.

The opportunity ahead is enormous. If India succeeds in providing reliable and affordable clean energy to feed its economy, it has the opportunity to not only change the global climate trajectory, but also to become a model for the growing Global South. The stakes could hardly be higher.

Join EPIC as we host a conversation with US diplomat Vinay Chawla, Indian Members of Parliament and EPIC’s Michael Greenstone. The conversation will be moderated by EPIC Journalism Fellow and TIME reporter Justin Worland.