Business and Sustainability Club

A full-time Booth student club for those interested in learning about and working in the field of environmental sustainability. They aim to foster conversation between Booth students interested in finding solutions to climate change, provide resources to students interested in pursuing careers in corporate sustainability, and engage with recruiters and alumni in the sustainability space.

Chicago Booth Energy Club

The Chicago Booth Energy Club serves as a platform for discussion on all major drivers of the energy industry such as technology, public policy and regulation, energy security, and the environment.

Environmental Justice Task Force (EJTF)

An RSO committed to achieving social and ecological justice. EJTF organizes campaigns to place pressure on elected officials and leaders in the community to take action on climate and environmental injustice.

Environmental Law Society

The Environmental Law Society (ELS) is a group of students interested in environmental protection. ELS hosts a number of speakers to discuss green policy issues and organize a variety of activities to engage students in environmentally-related pursuits, such as decreasing carbon footprints, buying organic and enjoying the environment we work to conserve.

Environmental Research Group

An undergraduate science and policy think tank devoted to interfacing science and social good to create sustainable change in Chicago through applicable, data-driven modeling.

Featured programs: Intercollegiate Sustainability Alliance

Food Recovery Network

Food Recovery Network is a service organization dedicated to addressing environmental justice and food insecurity by recovering leftover food on campus for local shelters and community centers.

Featured programs: UChicago Free Food Watch Facebook page

Harris Energy and Environmental Association (HEEA)

HEEA is a student organization at the Harris School that seeks to contribute to ongoing energy and environmental policy discussions and to expose members to various learning and networking opportunities within these areas.

Harris Sustainability Initiative

The Harris Sustainability Initiative aims to improve sustainability within the Harris School as well as the broader UChicago campus through policy-focused sustainability solutions and community-level engagements. The initiative falls under the purview of the Harris Energy and Environmental Association.

Horticultural Society

The purpose of this organization is to achieve an understanding of horticulture from scientific, artistic and ecological perspectives, to bring together individuals across a diverse range of academic pursuits who share an interest in plants, and to apply this interest to benefitting community organizations involved with urban gardening and other natural restoration in the area.

Paul Douglas Institute

A nonpartisan, nonprofit student-run public policy think tank that seeks to channel public policy interest on campus into evidence-based, collaboration-oriented, solution-minded projects as well as celebrate the value of public service.

Featured programs: “A 100% Renewable Chicago: An Economic Impact Report Assessing Renewable Energy in the City of Chicago,” Open Climate Policy Database

Phoenix Farms

An RSO whose primary goal is to educate the student body and surrounding population on urban gardening and beekeeping practices. Phoenix Farms keeps bees and grows food for students and others across the South Side.

Phoenix Sustainability Initiative (PSI)

An RSO that seeks to develop and implement sustainable practices at the University and in Hyde Park. Centered upon a project group structure and partnership model, we create lasting change and impact by getting directly involved in planning, directing and executing initiatives.

Featured programs: Campus Composting; Hyde Park Business Partnerships (HPBP); Environmental Education; Green Data; Campus Waste Reduction; Service; Public Engagement; Professional Development; and Science, Art and Sustainability (SAS).

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Student Government Committee on Campus Sustainability (CCS)

A standing committee of Student Government that is focused on furthering three main goals: advocacy, awareness, and action. In 2019, the CCS helped to found the UChicago Environmental Alliance in partnership with other student leaders and environmental activists.

Featured programs: Green Fund; Sustainability Ambassador Program; sustainability case competition

UChicago Audobon Chapter

An RSO chapter of the National Audobon Society that focuses on exploring and advocating for the natural world through bird-watching, engaging with conservation initiatives in the Chicagoland area, and learning about current issues and careers in the environmental sector.

UChicago College Researchers on Urban Environment (CRUE)

The CRUE creates engagements for students with the program’s faculty, staff, campus and community partners, and guest speakers, and provide students a voice in environmental programs, research and activities on campus.

Featured programs: Environmental, Food and Agriculture (EAF) working group; Frizzell Speaker & Learning Series

UChicago Effective Altruism

A student group that aims to harness the world’s altruistic energy in a way that uses evidence and philosophy to find the most high-impact ways to improve the world. This includes thinking carefully about global poverty and development, the subjugation of animals in factory farms and animal welfare, the development of AI safety alongside general AI, and the welfare of future peoples, among so many other cause areas.

UChicago Environmental Alliance (UCEA)

UCEA is a partnership between five sustainability-focused student organizations or project groups. They aspire to grow their support on campus to become a recognized alliance of voices for environmental good.

Featured programs: Green Fund

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