UChicago’s Environmental Community includes a remarkable variety of disciplines, groups, and approaches. From departments to laboratories, studios to student government, the University’s academics, students, and staff work together to push forward environmental research, education, and engagement. Have a program or initiative to add? Let us know.

Chicago Studies Program

Chicago Studies offers curricular and co-curricular opportunities to discover, study, engage with, and positively impact the diverse communities of our world-class city. Working with campus- and city-wide partners, we support the College community in encountering and learning with Chicagoans from all walks of life.

Featured programs: Chicago Futures, Chicago Conversations, and Data in Dialogue series

Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization (CEGU)

Based in the Division of Social Sciences at the University of Chicago, the Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization (CEGU) is an interdisciplinary platform for critical thinking, advanced research, and innovative pedagogy on the societal and spatial dimensions of climate change, biodiversity loss, and other kinds of environmental transformation.

Featured programs: Environmental and Urban Studies major and minor

Committee on Evolutionary Biology (CEB)

CEB provides a means for Ph.D. students to pursue interdisciplinary research that does not readily fall within a single department’s purview. CEB presently has about sixty faculty members representing all four graduate divisions as well as institutions outside the University (Argonne National Laboratory, Brookfield Zoo, Chicago Botanic Garden, The Field Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Morton Arboretum). This diverse faculty conducts research on most major groups of organisms, and in most ecosystems, using an extremely broad range of methods and theoretical approaches. CEB has produced over 100 graduates who are now working around the world in universities, museums, zoos, and governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Department of Ecology & Evolution

E&E hosts diverse faculty and student interests in the ecological and evolutionary processes that underlie patterns of life on earth. The research interests of our faculty include population genetics, molecular evolution, quantitative genetics, animal behavior, plant and animal ecology, evolutionary theory, systematic paleontology, and related subjects.

Featured programs: Graduate Program in E&E and Biosciences; Undergraduate Biology program; University of Chicago Greenhouse; Warren Woods Ecological Field Station

Department of the Geophysical Sciences

Geophysical Sciences faculty and students are fascinated with the natural processes that shape our world, and study the history, interior, and exterior of Earth and other planets.

Featured programs: Environmental Science BS major, Geophysical Sciences BA major, Graduate program in Geophysical Sciences

Harris School of Public Policy

Harris Public Policy faculty and students bring an exacting, data-driven perspective to the full spectrum of policy concerns. It’s this point of view, rather than a particular policy domain, that has defined Harris since its founding, guiding us as we address today’s most complex challenges and nurture a new generation of leaders driven to change the world.

Featured programs: Certificate in Energy & Environmental Policy

Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME)

PME integrates science and engineering to address global challenges from the molecular level up. Organized by interdisciplinary research themes, it seek to develop solutions to important societal issues and to educate the next generation of leaders in the fast-growing field of molecular engineering.

Featured programs: Materials Systems for Sustainability and Health

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