From wildfires on the West Coast to Supreme Court decisions on the Eastern Seaboard, modern times are a “watershed moment” in environmental, political, and cultural history. In Session 2 of Humanities Day, the session, “Watersheds—Writing Environmental, Political, and Cultural Change for a World in Transition” will consider how novelists, poets, and essayists address our watershed moment to imagine and shape emergent futures through literary practice. In this session, writers on the University of Chicago’s Creative Writing faculty consider the ways that urgent questions of race, gender, class, and environmental justice have transformed the literary arts in contemporary American society.

Join the Division of the Humanities on Saturday, October 15, 2022, for nearly 30 presentations and tours by leading scholars in the arts, literature, languages, cinema, philosophy, music, and linguistics.

Each year, Humanities Day presents the public with a snapshot of leading humanities research at the University of Chicago. This year’s Humanities Day Keynote Speaker is Kenneth Warren, the Fairfax Cone Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature and the College.

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