BSD Diversity | The University of Chicago Biological Sciences

The BSD and the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation are hosting a series that will address climate change and its impact on public health and ecosystems and biological diversity, as well as sustainable responses to the crisis. The series is intended to stimulate cross-disciplinary conversation and collaboration on topics around sustainable development and climate change, according to the events’ organizers. Sari Kovats will detail her paper, which reports on the CCRA3 evidence review, which considers the current and likely future impacts of changing flood risk, heatwaves, coastal change, air pollution, vector-borne disease and water quality on public health and healthcare delivery.  Register here.

Biodiversity loss, climate change, both fueled by continued unsustainable extraction from land and sea, make up the triple Anthropocene threat. How can landscapes be managed to reduce these threats? Professor Kremen will discuss the “working lands conservation” concept and develop several examples to show how these regenerative techniques both support and depend on biodiversity, while promoting climate mitigation and adaptation. Many barriers exist to adoption of these techniques; thus Professor Kremen will discuss one promising pathway to broader uptake. Kremen, a previous MacArthur Fellow and founding faculty director for the Center for Diversified Farming Systems at the Berkeley Food Institute, researches how to encourage sustainable farming practices through agricultural diversification.
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