Penn Climate Ventures is organizing a 3-week global climate pitch competition from March 25 to April 16. The goal of the competition is to bring students around the globe to engage in problem solving and innovation within the climate space. The competition offers mentorship opportunities, panels, and keynotes from leading professionals in the climate tech space, and cash prizes for the top 3 winners.

Penn Climate Ventures seeks to integrate climate innovation, sustainability, and analyses into campus education and life. They seek to inspire young engineers and business leaders to build the solutions that activists and policymakers can champion.


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  • TL;DR (Official rules):
    • Eligibility: Open to all students anywhere – high schoolers, undergrads, and grad students.
    • Tracks: Food and Agriculture, Energy and Transportation, Waste Management and Circular Economy, Wild Card (Miscellaneous),
    • High School Teams: Teams of up to 5 members can compete in a track of their choice.
    • Prizes: Finalists receive access to industry mentors and VC introductions. Finalists get a shot at PCV’s place awards with non-dilutive funding.
  •  FAQ
    • Does every member of the startup’s team need to be a student?
      • No. It’s fine if you have non-students in the startup, but only students are allowed to compete in the PCV Prize. Furthermore, incorporated startups must have at least one of the students presenting be an owner or managing member listed in the articles of incorporation. PCV is focused on students, so interns cannot present for established startups.
    • Applying without prior experience with tech or startups?
      • Anyone interested in the PCV Prize or climate innovation is strongly encouraged to apply. There are no requirements for what a successful PCV Prize team will look like, and PCV will be hosting educational events to help teams build and strengthen their startup ideas.
    • What type of solution should be presented?
      • Anywhere from just an idea to a working prototype. The key caveat is that teams must have less than 25K in external funding. PCV is focused on encouraging new students to enter the scene.


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