Transit-Oriented Development

A Climate and the City session with W. Robert Schultz III of ATA


Although the transition to electric vehicles is well underway, our auto-focused transit and regional development priorities have had deeper implications for Chicago’s climate readiness than simply adding to greenhouse gas emissions.  In Transit-Oriented Development, the second event in our Climate and the City series, we will learn how Chicago’s transit policy can be reimagined to contribute to our climate readiness, instead of compounding the errors of the past. Active Transportation Alliance advocates for walking, bicycling, and public transit to create healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities, envisioning a Chicagoland that is a more fun and healthy place to live, work, and play.  Join us for a conversation with W. Robert Schultz III, Campaign Organizer at Active Trans, about their work and ways that you can contribute or become involved.

W. Robert Schultz, III has a professional focus spanning four decades advocating for human and civil rights. Robert has taken active leadership on several issues including immigrant rights, disability rights, criminal justice, human services, and transportation. Currently he is the campaign organizer at Active Transportation Alliance where he works on the human right to safe pedestrian facilities, protected biking infrastructure, and improved public transportation for Chicago residents. Robert received a law degree from one of the country’s historically black law schools, North Carolina Central University, and holds a B.S. in political science from Alma College in Alma, Michigan.

Climate and the City is a multi-week series of TED-style conversations focusing on how Chicago is responding locally to the global climate crisis, despite relentless climate anxiety and despair. We look forward to introducing you to local thinkers, activists, and policy-makers who go beyond offering grim forecasts and can help point us towards ideas that have the potential to make a difference, in Chicago and beyond.  Recordings will be made available on the Chicago Studies website after each event.

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