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How a Genetic Breakthrough Could Address Global Hunger, with Chuan He (Ep. 74)

Show Notes

By 2050 humanity is going to have to produce 50% more food in order to feed a growing population. That’s a lot, especially given that we currently have trouble feeding the current global population, and that food production is already responsible for about a third of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

But an incredible new genetic breakthrough may have just given us a way to address both those problems. Chuan He is a distinguished professor of chemistry at the University of Chicago, and he recently made a genetic discovery that has massive implications for feeding the world, addressing climate change and even fighting cancer.

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Big Brains is a show from the University of Chicago Podcast Network about the pioneering research and pivotal breakthroughs that are reshaping our world. The podcast is hosted by Paul Rand, Vice President for Communications at the University of Chicago.

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