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Decarbonization Within Reach

Director’s Special Colloquium Celebrating Argonne’s 75th  Anniversary: How working together we can achieve a decarbonized economy

For leaders across the globe determined to combat climate change, mitigation via decarbonization is key. In the U.S., the desired end state has been declared — net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by no later than 2050 — but the path forward is still being mapped. Science, technology, policy, data, and other research realms will all contribute to a multifaceted approach that increases zero-carbon energy sources, reduces energy use, and advances carbon dioxide removal (including carbon capture and sequestration, natural CO2 sinks, and direct carbon air capture). This event celebrating Argonne’s 75th anniversary will explore how the potential of teamwork gives us reason to be optimistic about meeting our ambitious decarbonization goals.

Read more about the speakers and register for the free virtual event on Argonne’s website.

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