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There have been dozens of great Earth Week events to join in 2021, and we look forward to continuing this engagement throughout the year! This is our last “Today in Earth Week” feature; keep an eye out for our next posts with recordings from this week’s events and information on upcoming programs.


Elaborating Waste – A project by Hannah Burnett (PhD student, Anthropology, UChicago) and Allison Turner (PhD candidate, English, UChicago) that brings together literary and social scientific analysis to explore how capitalist society values and re-values its own wasteful byproducts. Funded by an Arts, Science & Culture Initiative Graduate Collaboration Grant. 2017-18. (Bonus: come to a MWRD talk on April 29 hosted by the Chicago Studies Program and Program on the Global Environment).

Dripping, Creaking Flowing: Narratives of Hydrological Change – A project by Grant Macdonald (PhD candidate, Geophysical Sciences, UChicago) and Katie Wood (MFA candidate, Sound, SAIC) on building a sustainable emotional response to issues of global climate change as a means of establishing a basis for continued action toward mitigation and adaptation. Funded by an Arts, Science & Culture Initiative Graduate Collaboration Grant. Listen to the project at 2018-19.


U.S. Energy & Climate Roadmap – A publication by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC) that aims to inform climate and energy policy in the new administration and Congress through a compilation of evidence-based proposals from scholars at EPIC. It is grounded in empirical research that has been galvanized by rigorous academic debate and channeled into practical policy applications. March 2021.


LAST DAY      PSI Earth Week: Minecraft Building | Phoenix Sustainability Initiative

10:00am CDT      The Climate of History in a Planetary Age with Dipesh Chakrabarty | The Neubauer Collegium & The Seminary Co-op Bookstores & 3CT & The Graham School & UChicago Press

11:00am CDT      Pursuing a Meaningful Green Career | Career Advancement

12:30pm CDT      The Future of Farmer’s Markets | Chicago Studies Program

6:00pm CDT      PSI Earth Week: Intro to Embroidering Small Designs | Phoenix Sustainability Initiative

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