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There are dozens of great Earth Week events to join in 2021, but UChicago’s Environmental Community has also been engaged in this work for many years! In “Today in Earth Week” we give you a quick view of what’s happening today alongside some recent content you might have missed:


The MBL Ecosystems Center: Science With An Impact – An introduction to research at the Marine Biological Laboratory Ecosystems Center. 2018.

Understanding and Protecting Our Marshes: The Importance of Long-Term Study – Ecosystems Center Director and Senior Scientist Anne Giblin talks about the benefits of long-term ecological research. 2018.


“Green spaces aren’t just for nature – they boost our mental health too” – Marc Berman, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and lead of the Urban Cognition Lab at the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation, is featured in New Scientist discussing the mental health boost we get from urban green space. March 24, 2021.


10:00am CDT      EFCampus Student Project Showcase | Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation

1:00pm CDT      Release of Campus Sustainability Tour | Chicago Studies Program & Environmental Frontiers & Facilities Services

2:00pm CDT      Opportunities in Ecology and Environmental Science at the MBL | Marine Biological Laboratory Ecosystems Center (don’t forget to calculate your personal Nitrogen (N) footprint at before the event, which will feature live Q&A and data collection – bring your questions and your footprint results!)

3:00pm CDT      Is the Climate Crisis an Accomplice to the Murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery & Breonna Taylor? | Institute of Politics

5:00pm CDT      PSI Earth Week: Kahoot Recycling Rush | Phoenix Sustainability Initiative

6:00pm CDT      PSI Earth Week: Peaceful Planting and Painting | Phoenix Sustainability Initiative

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