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America Resilient: Projecting and Preparing for the Effects of Climate Change

A free, half-day, virtual climate conference convened by Argonne National Laboratory

The escalating effects of climate change are evident across our country, from the damaging 2020 western wildfire season to February’s southern deep freeze. The need has never been greater for a national strategy that combines the long-term goal of a 100% clean energy future with immediate, science-driven actions to help all communities minimize the impacts of climate change.

The America Resilient conference hosted by Argonne National Laboratory will focus on the urgent need for governments, industries, and communities across the nation to plan for and adapt to climate change impacts. These impacts will be felt in the short term through disasters such as floods, hurricanes and wildfires and over the long term through the cumulative effects of changing temperatures.

Read more and register for the conference on Argonne’s website.

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