“Scientists with the University of Chicago, the University of Wisconsin–Madison and Brookhaven National Laboratory published a new breakthrough in making […] photoelectrodes. Their research, reported in Nature Energy on February 18, 2021, demonstrates that modifying the topmost layer of atoms on the surface of electrodes can significantly boost their performance.

‘Our results are crucial for both understanding and improving photoelectrodes used in solar fuel production,’ said Giulia Galli, the Liew Family Professor of Molecular Engineering and Professor of Chemistry at UChicago, senior scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and co-corresponding author of the paper.”

-Excerpted from UChicago News

Read the full article via UChicago News and read the paper in Nature Energy.

Lee, D., Wang, W., Zhou, C. et al. The impact of surface composition on the interfacial energetics and photoelectrochemical properties of BiVO4. Nat Energy (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41560-021-00777-x

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